LED products and industrial displays combined into multi-sense system

March 13, 2012 // By Julien Happich
The illumotion multi-sense system available from Rutronik offers a combination of animated images, high-definition displays and a multi-channel audio setup to achieve extraordinary effects. Visual experiences can be perfectly enhanced and intensified by means of individually configurable sound and light effects as well as other sensory input such as scents, cooling/warming.

The basic components of the multi-sense illumotion system are a theme package, multi-channel audio technology, hardware for the base and control units as well as high-resolution displays, optional LED lighting / sound system and the control unit for all these elements. Preconfigured theme packages

can be selected from the so-called 'multi-sense areas': panorama, ambience, aquaria or art gallery. The 4K technology involved gives viewers a live experience as if they were actually somewhere else. To display the themes, illumotion relies on robust full-HD industrial screens. Using a sophisticated splitting technique the 4K themes are transferred to the displays in synchronised image sections. The customers have a wide range of options to configure their fantasy worlds, such as the number and size of the displays and their placement in the space available, e.g. as a panorama set on the ceiling for an open sky view, as a virtual window or landscape set for panoramic scenes, sets in portrait orientation or single displays for static themes. The base unit is fully programmed for lighting, sound and audio. This is the 'player' for the themes stored on flashcards. It controls the displays and coordinates them using RFID technology. The autonomous solid-state system (a not PC-based operating system) is immune to both viruses and crashes - and it is almost impossible to operate it incorrectly. As an option, control via WLAN and iPad or iPhone is possible.

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