Lextar rolls series of dimmable LED products

June 26, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Lextar Electronics Corp has released a series of dimmable LED products, such as flat panel lights, PAR lamps and downlights. In addition, a new generation of LED tubes, high CRI>95 light boards and wireless Bluetooth controlled lighting systems have also be presented at the 2012 Taiwan Photonics Festival (LED Lighting Taiwan) from June 19-21.

The PAR collection will include the PAR20, 30 and 38 models that have a beam angle of 35 degrees, will be able to fit all kinds of fixtures and meets American UL and Energy Star requirements. PAR lamps are suitable for spotlights for commercial applications, meet requirements set by lighting designers for accent lighting and have a color temperature from 3000K-5000K. In addition, Lextar will be displaying its PAR38 that has a water proof design with an IP65 ranking, making it suitable for outdoor lighting along with dimmable fixtures such as flat lights and 1000 lumen donwlights.

Lextar also displayed its latest generation of LED tubes, which have a breakthrough design and are overall more simplified, cost-effective and have improved lighting quality. They feature an even and soft light spread with an increased beam angle to 25%. Making more simplified designs and structures is the future of lighting fixtures, which will help push towards further automated production and will increase sales.

Lextar's large-sized flat panel lights use 56 pieces of 7-inch panel light module that is 7mm in thickness, 100 grams in weight and has an even and soft light spread. Its light and simplified design gives lighting designers no shortage of choices for creative use and opens up new applications for panel lights. Lextar’s panel light products include a 7-inch and 247x40mm small-sized modules along with a 600x600mm and 1200x300mm large-sized ones, which will be particularly popular with European customers.