LG to build large flexible OLED display

July 16, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Korean consumer electronics company LG Display has received an assignment to develop and build a flexible, transparent OLED display with a screen diagonal of 60 inch. According to media reports, LG plans to implement the large screen in proprietary technologies. Product rollout is scheduled for 2017.

The assignment is part of a Korean government program to develop so called Future Flagship technologies. Besides LG who is in charge for the development, display production equipment supplier Avaco will participate in the project. The project also aims at using large OLED panels in applications beyond TV screens - such as signage and information kiosk displays. The Korean government estimates the economic effects of the R&D efforts connected to transparent and flexible displays to $56 billion of additional exports and 840.000 jobs. 

In this context, press reports also suggested that the R&D efforts will be launched already during the current summer months. Small flexible screens could hit the market already by the end of 2012.