Light weight 3G/4G backpack uplinking system

April 11, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Mobile Viewpoint has extended its WMT product line with a light weight HD/SD 8-modem system, the WMT-Agile.

WMT-Agile offers the same primary features as the flagship WMT Expert, like HDMI, analog and HD/SD SDI input. Due to extensive software engineering and the development of a hardware encoder it was possible to create a 45% smaller system, consuming 50% less power, resulting in a 35% weight decrease.

Michel Bais, managing director of Mobile Viewpoint: "In the market we recognized the need for a smaller Agile 3G/4G broadcast system providing a live low latency video link. Due to the introduction of our Agile hardware encoder we are able to create a new range of WMT products without compromising the important features of our product like dedicated modems, touch screen and digital and analogue inputs."