Lighting control chip cuts part count for dimming circuits

January 31, 2014 // By Paul Buckley
Using primary-side regulation to eliminate the nned for opto- or other isolators, International Rectifier has introduced a control IC for single stage flyback and buck-boost topologies used in LED drivers and power supplies.

The IRS2983 employs primary side regulation that reduces component count and simplifies design by eliminating the opto-isolator and other components necessary for isolated feedback for fixed loads.

The device also features a rapid startup circuit that reduces the turn on time of the system.

The IRS2983 also offers high power factor and low THD and operates over a wide input range for multiple LED lighting applications. Protection features including hiccup mode, over-voltage protection, cycle-by-cycle over-current protection and open and short circuit protection are also included. The device also supports TRIAC dimming.

Other features of the IRS2983 include critical-conduction mode operation, with discontinuous and burst modes at light load as well as flexibility allowing opto-isolated feedback circuitry for more complex designs.

Available in an SO-8 package, the IRS2983 uses IR’s advanced high-voltage IC process to deliver protection from electrical over-stress; it also offers micro-power startup, low quiescent current, latch-up immunity and ESD protection and noise immunity.

IRS2983 pricing begins at $0.45 (10,000).

International Rectifier;