Live LoRa demo will show asset tracking around Nuremberg

February 22, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
At the Embedded World event in Nuremberg this week (23-25th February 2016) Semtech and Digimondo will be demonstrating a “live” deployment of Semtech’s LoRa low-power wide-area network wireless data system.

Digimondo is Semtech’s partner in a joint announcement of a roll-out of the LoRaWAN IoT network in Germany; Digimondo was a start-up by [energy supplier] E.ON in Germany in June 2015 and is, according to a company executive, “The IoT company of E.ON”. E.ON’s primary interest is in metering, and says that Digimondo has the lowest-cost smart meter at present, with secure operation and robust EMI performance. Digimondo anticipates extending its scope to include gateway functions, and to meter water and gas as well as electricity; other services that will be added that include connected street lighting and air pollution monitoring.

However, the network to be demonstrated in Nuremberg will show alternative uses of the network; asset tracking of real-world targets. Digimondo has launched low power wide area networks (LPWAN) over Nuremburg, Hamburg and Berlin and expects to cover eight major German cities in 2016, as well as a number fo smaller towns. The partners will demonstrate the Nuremburg network performance during the tradeshow by wirelessly tracking public transportation vehicles across the city. The vehicles’ movement will be displayed on a monitor at the Semtech (2-631) and Microchip (1-510) booths.

Digimondo, formed to “help digitalise the German energy industry”, intends to launch an open LPWAN based on the LoRaWAN standardized specification that will enable innovative IoT applications, such as public transportation tracking, smart metering, air pollution measurement, boat tracking and more. The network infrastructure, which was tested in Hamburg and Berlin in 2015, has been approved for further deployments in Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Essen, Cologne, as well as rural areas where volumes are secured. The network is expected to be open to outside enterprises by mid-2016. A spokesman indicated that connection to the net will be free of charge to private individuals, with a charging structure for service providers.

Marcus Walena, CEO of Digimondo believes that LPWANs are the missing piece to enable IoT and digital smart city infrastructure