Lockable power cord compatible with new Swiss safety mains plug

November 06, 2012 // By Julien Happich
The Swiss version of Schaffner's IL13 series power cord comes with the patented IEC Lock, which clicks into the IEC inlet thanks to a user-friendly locking knob and can be just as easily unlocked again by pressing the knob.

Compliant with the latest edition of safety standard SEV1011, the power cord offers protection against electrical shock during plug in and pull out with outlets type 12 (without protective shroud). The use of IL13 power cords improves the reliability of electronic systems that are exposed to vibration. IL13 power cords can be used for all devices, which are dependent on a reliable mains connection, as for instance in IT, medical, laboratory or communications areas.

They require no modification to operate with existing IEC plugs and can be used with every Schaffner IEC inlet filter or IEC inlet type C14 up to 10A in accordance with standard EN60320. The power cord is supplied by default in black with a cable length of 2m. The red mark on the locking knob clearly distinguishes IL13 from conventional power cables.

Besides the new Swiss mains plug type 12 the power cord family can be supplied with various mains plugs for international use. Of course IL13 does conform to the requirements of RoHS and REACH and is available ex-stock all over the world through Schaffner's global distribution and sales network.

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