Loudest miniature buzzer, claims Belgian manufacturer

June 24, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
The SMA-13LV joins Sonitron's multi-application buzzer range. With only 3Vdc it adds an alerts to your appliance with a sound of 80dB(A) at 30cm.

This buzzer is ideal for low voltage applications that need a small design and an alerting sound. It is available in SMD and pin version, with 7.5mm or 10mm spacing. Adding a product option can strengthen the buzzer for use in specific circumstances. A foam patch option can be added for extra mechanical and acoustic stabilisation. The Wash tab option secures and protects the buzzer during assembly in an automatic washing process. It is, say the makers, a very loud buzzer for miniature and portable equipment.

Sonitron, www.sonitron.be