Low-cost development boards for Renesas RX MCUs - in distribution

November 25, 2016 // By Julien Happich
RS Components is now stocking the Gadget Renesas SAKURA II boards, a development platform based on the Renesas RX family of flash microcontrollers.

These general-purpose programmable boards offer a flexible platform that is presented as suitable for a range of levels of software development experience from beginners at school to professional design engineers.

Gadget Renesas is a project concept which links ideas and electronics by providing boards that enable rapid prototyping and the sharing of ideas via its online community
The GR-SAKURA-II and GR-SAKURA-II-FULL development boards are based on the 32-bit RX63N microcontroller, specifically the R5F563NBDDFP in a 100-pin QFP package, with 1 MB flash memory, 128 kB RAM FPU and data flash of 32 kB. The MCU operates at 3.3V and  frequency of 96 MHz (using an external 12 MHz XO) with sub-clock speed of 32.768 kHz. The RX63N microcontrollers are also supported by development software including a compiler online via the Renesas website, as well as software for developing Android smartphone applications.

The GR-SAKURA platform offers an Arduino compatible board footprint with C++ template and libraries and has Arduino UNO compatible pin-headers ready for use with Arduino shields. The boards also offer 51 GPIO pins, six analogue input pins, micro-SD jacket, XBee wireless module header footprints, JTAG interface, +5V DC power jack, user and reset switches, an Arduino Shield interface, and a range of interfaces including JTAG, mini-B USB-host connector and Ethernet.

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