Low dielectric-absorption capacitors offer stable operation

October 24, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
A technical paper published by AVX describes dielectric absorption, its importance, data collected during recent testing, and results for the the AVX MLO technology showing the lowest figure for any dielectric materials technology at 0.0015%

Dielectric Absorption of Multilayer Organic (MLO) Capacitors reports that AVX' MLO capacitors have been shown to exhibit the lowest dielectric absorption (DA) of any comparable technology, making them ideal for use in sample and hold (S/H) circuits. During the hold time of S/H circuits, the voltage across the capacitor is assumed to be a specified, predetermined number. However, due to variances in dielectric absorption, that may not be the case, which could make the circuit vulnerable to voltage errors.

Dielectric absorption measurements recorded during tests based on MIL-C-19778 indicate that AVX’s MLO capacitors exhibit 0.0015% DA. For comparison, Teflon, which is known to have very low DA, exhibits DA of <0.01% and NP0 ceramic exhibits 0.6% DA. Based on AVX’s proprietary MLO materials technology, which uses large area fabrication techniques and unique lumped element design topologies to achieve high Q, low loss RF components capable of stable operation across a wide frequency range, AVX’s MLO capacitors are expansion matched to most FR4 PCBs and are available with ratings up to 500V.

AVX; http://avx.com/docs/Catalogs/OPC.pdf