Low-noise 200 MHz op amp with rail-to-rail inputs and output

February 23, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Analog Devices has posted details of the ADA4807-1, a high-performance operational amplifier that claims the lowest input noise (3.1 nV/√Hz and 0.7 pA/√Hz) among low-power, high-speed rail-to-rail amplifiers.

Aimed at applications ranging from battery-powered, portable instrumentation to high-speed, high-density systems, the IC has an output stage that swings to within 50 mV of each rail, maximising the output dynamic range, and the input stage permits operation up to and beyond the supply rails. The amplifier features 200-MHz bandwidth, 225-V/μsec slew rate, 47-nsec settling time to 0.1%, 100-μV max input offset voltage, and 0.7-μV/°C input offset drift. It achieves −112-dBc HD2 and –115-dBc HD3 with a 2-V p-p, 100-kHz output signal driving a 1-kΩ load. The low distortion and fast settling time make it suitable for driving precision high-speed ADCs with up to 18-bit resolution. Operating from a single 3-V to 10-V supply or dual ±1.5-V to ±5-V supplies, the ADA4807-1 draws 1 mA when enabled and 2.4 μA when disabled. Available in 6-lead SC70 and SOT-23 packages, it is specified from –40°C to +125°C and priced at $1.09 (1000).

Analog Devices; www.analog.com/en/high-speed-op-amps/high-speed-rail-to-rail-amplifiers/ada4807-1/products/product.html