Low-power, 3W, wireless charging kit, in distribution

August 25, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor Mouser has the WP3W-RK wireless power reference kit from Integrated Device Technology (IDT). The Qi-based transmitter and receiver reference kit helps make integrating wireless charging into compact electronics easy and affordable, targeting designs requiring 3 W or less, such as smartwatches, headphones, health and fitness trackers and portable medical devices.

Building on IDT’s 5 W reference kits, the WP3W-RK kit enables immediate prototyping, letting engineers incorporate wireless charging capabilities into their ultra-compact designs in a matter of hours. The kit embodies a high-efficiency, turnkey reference design that can help ease design-in efforts and enable fast prototyping. Suited for applications ranging from 0.5 – 3W, consists of a P9235A-R transmitter and a P9027LP-R receiver, with three different coil size options supporting various applications, form factors and power levels. Delivering peak 80% system efficiency at 3W, the kit offers seamless integration with the drop-in reference layout provided and an optimized thermal design.


The kit’s associated layout module allows for direct instantiation on to a system board, with an optimized and fully tested bill-of-materials (BOM); there is a digital library of layout guides, schematics, Gerber files, and more eliminates traditional design and support barriers regardless of application volume.


Mouser (Wireless Charging Technology site): www.mouser.com/applications/wireless-charging