Low-power flash memory targets wearable devices

January 21, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
From Taiwanese maker Macronix, the MX25R product family features wide voltage range and ultra-low power. The NOR Flash memory products are aimed at next-generation wearable devices and claim power consumption that is 60% lower than that of traditional devices, plus a Vcc wide-voltage span of 1.7V–3.6V.

The MX25R family supports the standard Serial NOR Flash memory interface with ultra-small product packages such as USON and WLCSP, and KGD (known good die) products for SIP (system-in-package) solutions.

Low power consumption and small form-factor designs will be key factors in consumer acceptance of wearable devices, says Macronix, which see next-generation memory advancing in three ways:

standardised interfaces that will ease the process of importing data; smaller, lighter and slimmer form factors; and power supply design focused on ultra-low voltage and energy consumption.

Besides its wide-voltage/ultra-low power MX25R family, Macronix solutions popular in wearable products consist of 1.8V 512 Kb–512 Mb Serial NOR devices. These are offered in small footprints such as KGD (known good die) and WLCSP (wafer-level chip-scale packages). Macronix has developed VG (vertical gate) 3D NAND, using its own BE-SONOS technology to overcome manufacturing process restrictions; and ReRAM (resistive random-access memory) technology using a simple storage unit structure that features high speed and low power consumption, for future wearable applications.

Macronix; www.macronix.com