Low-power, high-speed industrial ethernet controllers support for multiple protocols including CC-Link IE, EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP

April 23, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Renesas Electronics Europe has introduced two new Industrial Ethernet controllers that include support for multiple communication protocols, helping system designers reduce their bill of materials and enable more efficient machine operation.

Samples of the first products in the series are scheduled to be available in the end of 2012, and will support CC-Link IE, EtherCAT, and EtherNet/IP with support for further standards to follow at a later date. The devices support high-speed, real-time operation by minimizing fluctuation of CPU processing time for more production efficiency in the industrial environment. Along with reducing bill of materials for industrial automation applications, the new controllers also ensure low power operation as the multiple Ethernet protocols are embedded in the hardware.

The new controllers deliver a rich feature set including a 32 bit CPU, Ethernet hardware accelerator, industrial Ethernet communication switch, two general Ether MACs (MII, GMII) and 10/100Mbps PHY. As a result, the new controllers provide everything needed for 10/100Mbps industrial communication apart from the voltage supply and a serial flash for programs. System designers may also add an external gigabit PHY if they are running applications that require gigabit communication.

Renesas’ new controllers join the existing members of the company’s range of industrial Ethernet controllers that includes the ERTEC200, the ERTEC400 and the TPS-1. The new products support for multiple Ethernet protocols including CC-Link IE, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP.  Ethernet functions and part of the CPU operation are hardware-based

The device support integrated 1.3 Mb SRAM and Ethernet PHY for 10/100Mbps operation and feature a standard fieldbus communication device supporting CC-Link, CAN, UART, CSI and others.

Renesas also has short-term plans to release another new product that will support the SSCNET III/H protocol. This uses fibre optic cables for communication and is a standard requirement in the motor control market due to its propensity for high speed and high accuracy.


Samples of all the products are expected to be available by the end of 2012.

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