Low-power NDIR sensors measure CH4, CO2, hydrocarbons – in distribution

May 03, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Specialist distributor and design services company Unitronic (Düsseldorf, Germany) has a series of ultra low power NDIR-sensors for the reliable measurement of small concentrations of methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrocarbons. The sensors have power consumption below 3.5 mW, stated as 50 times less than conventional gas sensors based on semiconductor or thermocatalytic technologies.

Efficient, extremely compact and easy to integrate, the NDIR (non-dispersive infra-red) gas sensors, developed by Mipex Technology, use light emitters and photo detectors based on A2B4-A2B6 solid state alloys which guarantee high efficiency in detection of hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide. New standards are achieved by Mipex due to the combination of an LED with optimized spectrum, a signal processing algorithm, an optical chamber, a specially designed photo diode and an embedded temperature sensor including electronic components to process signals in the smallest of spaces. Different measuring ranges are offered: from 0 up to 100 % LEL or even up to 100 Vol% for methane. Data is output via UART interface or analogue port is available.


The sensors feature explosion protection according to Ex ia I U / Ex ia IIC U. Gas sensors in the MIPEX-02 and MIPEX-03 series do not require the additional use of sinter metal as explosion-proof protection. They are ‘Ex’ certified under ATEX, IECEx and ETL and thus satisfy the highest industrial safety requirements. MIPEX alarm sensors are also available without explosion protection for the residential environment.


The sensors are offered in a standard size of 16.6 x 20 mm with metal or plastic housings, with a special version without lateral openings available in order to reduce the reaction times to < 10 sec.

Low power design suits the sensors for solar or battery powered wireless applications.


Unitronic GmbH; www.unitronic.de