Low-power UHD-SDI adaptive cable equaliser and reclocker for hi-def video

April 07, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Semtech’sUHD-SDI GS6140 6G adaptive cable equaliser and GS6150 UHD-SDI 6G reclocker joins the company’s solutions for multi-rate connectivity up to 6G UHD-SDI.

The GS6140 is the lowest-available power, adaptive cable equaliser and also delivers best-in-class cable reach at 6G UHD-SDI data rates without sacrificing best-in-class cable reach at 3G, HD and SD data-rates. The GS6140 is suited for demanding channel-dense applications that require both long cable reach and extremely low power – at any data rate.

The GS6150 is the first multi-rate reclocker with 6G UHD-SDI support. For high-density applications requiring an exceptionally small device footprint, the GS6151 offers the performance benefits of the GS6150 in a smaller package.

Features of the GS6140 include;

· Multi-rate operation with best reach at 6G UHD-SDI, 3G, HD and SD data rates

· Ultra-low power consumption

· Industry-leading cable reach at all data rates.

· Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C

Features of the GS6150 & GS6151 include;

· Multi-rate operation with support for 6G-UHD-SDI, 3G, HD and SD data rates

· Best IJT and output jitter performance.

· Low-power operation

· Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C

· Ultra compact GS6151 variant available

Semtech; www.semtech.com