Low-profile rectifiers target automotive ECUs

December 16, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Very low profile and light weight are featured in automotive-qualified high-voltage ultrafast rectifiers from STMicroelectronic; the company intends them for use in space-constrained vehicle electronics.

These rectifiers are packaged as SMBFlat devices that weigh only 50 mg and, at 1mm-thick, are almost 60% thinner than the nearest competing rectifiers in standard 2.4 mm-thick SMB packages. The two-lead surface-mount SMBFlat package is footprint-compatible with standard SMB devices, which promotes ease of use in existing PC-board designs.

With their wide temperature range of -40°C to 175°C, ST's SMBFlat rectifiers suit both automotive applications and equipment installed in harsh environments, such as mobile basestations and outdoor lighting.

The 10 ultrafast rectifiers in this release have current ratings from 1A to 3A and repetitive peak reverse voltage ratings from 600V to 1200V. The family includes L-series devices, which have low forward voltage (VF) for circuits requiring low conduction losses, and R-series devices with shorter reverse-recovery time (trr). They are priced from $0.15 (100) for the 1A/600V R-series STTH1R06UFY.

STMicroelectronics; www.st.com/auto-rectifiers-smbflat