Low-resistance TO-220SM(W) outline houses automotive-rated MOSFETs

February 06, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Toshiba has added two automotive N-channel power MOSFETs ; TK160F10N1, a 100V, 160A product and TK200F04N1L, a 40V, 200A class product. Target applications include electric power steering (EPS), DC-DC converters and load switches.

Dice are built using the U-MOSVIII-H process in a TO-220SM(W) package that has had its package resistance reduced to its limit with a new internal copper connector. This, Toshiba says, allows low on-resistance characteristics, measured @ V GS = 10V, of; R DS(ON) = 0.78 mΩ (typical) for the TK200F04N1L, and R DS(ON) = 2.0 mΩ (typical) for the TK160F10N1. Both devices feature low thermal resistance of Rth(ch-c) = 0.4˚C/W (max) and 175˚C max channel temperature rating. The U-MOSVIII-H process has a better switching ripple suppression capability than the previous generation. It can contribute to EMI noise reduction in applications. TK160F10N1 and TK200F04N1L will conform with AEC-Q101 automotive level qualification requirements.

Toshiba Electronics Europe; www.toshiba.semicon-storage.com