Low on-resistance 2A load switches for consumer applications

January 29, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Semtech’s SC72x load switch family offers 36 mOhms Ron in a chip-scale package.

The SC724/5/8/9 2A load switch platform in a 0.76 x 0.76 mm, 4-bump chip scale package (CSP) has leading on-resistance (Ron) of 36 mΩ. The SC724/5/8/9 switches handle 2A, on a 1.1V to 3.6V power rail with controlled turn-on and turn-off profiles. The SC724 and SC728 provide fast turn-on (19.5 µsec at 1.8 Vin) and float the output when disabled, while the SC725 and SC729 provide slower turn-on (490 µsec at 1.8 Vin) and discharge the output when disabled. The load switches are ESD hardened to greater than 3kV for robust circuit protection.

The SC724/5/8/9 parts are priced at $0.32 (5000). Evaluation boards are also available.

Semtech; www.semtech.com/info