Low resistance power FETs in smaller packages

January 26, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
TI's NexFET n-channel power MOSFETs claim the lowest-available on-resistance, for 25-V and 30-V devices in 5 x 6 mm QFN packages

Texas Instruments has added 11 n-channel power MOSFETs to its NexFET product line, including the 25-V CSD16570Q5B and 30-V CSD17570Q5B for hot-swap and ORing applications with the lowest on-resistance (RDS(on)) in a QFN package. In a separate range, TI's 12-V FemtoFET CSD13383F4 for low-voltage battery-powered applications achieves the lowest resistance at 84% below competitive devices in a 0.6 x 1 mm package.

The 25-V CSD16570Q5B achieves a maximum of 0.59 mΩ of RDS(on), while the 30-V CSD17570Q5B achieves a maximum of 0.69 mΩ of RDS(on). A 12-V, 60-A hot swap reference design featuring TI's CSD17570Q5B NexFET is available for download.

The CSD17573Q5B and CSD17577Q5A can be paired with the LM27403 for DC/DC controller applications to form a complete synchronous buck converter solution. The CSD16570Q5B and CSD17570Q5B NexFET power MOSFETs can be paired with a TI hot swap controller such as the TPS24720. An application note "Robust Hot Swap Designs" describes how a transistor is selected as a pass element and how to ensure safe operation under all possible conditions.

Products range in price from $0.10 for the FemtoFET CSD13383F4 to $1.08 (all 1000) for the CSD16570Q5B and CSD17570Q5B.

Texas Instruments;  www.ti.com/csd16570q5b-pr