Low-voltage, low-power serial flash for portables

June 16, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Microchip has added to its SPI serial flash memory with 1.8V low-power devices; SST25WF020A, SST25WF040B and SST25WF080B offer 2-, 4- and 8-Mbit of memory and are manufactured with Microchip’s SuperFlash technology and NOR Flash cell architecture.

With a low-operating voltage range from 1.65 to 1.95V, extremely low-power consumption, small-footprint, and low-profile packaging, these SPI Flash memory devices are partitioned into uniform 4 kByte sectors and 64 kByte blocks, offering flexible erase capabilities and seamless partitioning for program and data code in the same memory block. The low-voltage range provides designers with a low-voltage option on the power-supply voltage for their chipsets and board designs, and reduces overall power consumption, suiting these flash memory devices for battery-operated accessories, portable medical devices, and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as remotes, headsets and hearing aids.

SST25WF020A, SST25WF040B and SST25WF080B SPI Flash memory devices offer flexible erase and program performance, including erasing 4 kByte sectors as fast as 40 msec, erasing 64 kByte blocks as fast as 80 msec, erasing the entire Flash memory chip in 300 msec, and a programming time of 3 msec for a 256-byte page using Page Program. The device also offers Fast-Read Dual I/O and the superior reliability of 100,000 endurance cycles, typical, and greater than 20 years of data retention. The active read current of these devices is 4 mA, typical, at 40 MHz, and standby current is only 4 µA, typical. Package offerings include 8-pin USON (2 x 3 mm) that uses one-fifth the board space of the traditional 8-pin SOIC. For even more space constraint designs, a chip scale package is expected to be available in October 2014.

In 8-pin SOIC and 8-pin USON (2 x 3 mm) packages, pricing starts at $0.49 (10,000).

-unit quantities.

Microchip; www.microchip.com/get/1NHK