Low-voltage MOSFETs optimise footprint with dual-sided cooling packages

October 31, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Toshiba Electronics’ high-efficiency, low-voltage MOSFET technologies are now available in ultra-compact DSOP Advance package options. The new packages offer dual-sided cooling to significantly improve heat dissipation. This will help designers of high-component-density applications to minimise the PCB temperature and improve performance without board space penalties.

The DSOP Advance package shares the same 5 x 6 mm footprint as a SOP Advance device. In comparative tests and when used in conjunction with a suitable heatsink, operating temperatures for 30V MOSFETs were reduced by more than 34% at currents above 30A. In addition, in some designs the reduced thermal resistance of a DSOP Advance package may support elimination of a heatsink.

Toshiba will offer DSOP Advance packages with its existing UMOS VIII-H and its new UMOS IX-H families of MOSFET technologies. These technologies combine optimum on-resistance (RDS(ON)) ratings with low output capacitance to deliver ultra-efficient switching performance. DSOP Advance options will be available for a number of MOSFETs with voltage ratings between 30V and 100V initially. Target applications for the DSOP Advance MOSFETs will include high-power density, high-performance switching designs including synchronous rectification circuitry in servers and telecoms power supply equipment, as well as power tools.

Toshiba Electronics Europe; www.toshiba-components.com