A lower-cost route to flex PCB prototypes; pool production

June 25, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Engineers working on designs that will use a flexible PCB are offered an economical route to production of prototypes by printed board manufacturer Beta Layout (Aarbergen, Germany).

Beta Layout can combine the designs of several such projects into a single production run; the costs of several stages of the production process are pooled – the service is called PCB-Pool – and shared among the individual participants. Artwork and imaging of track patterns is prepared as a multi-project exercise and they are manufactured together. (Standard PCB production places multiple instances of a single design on one panel, the boards being divided at the end of the process. In this manufacturing flow, the multiple images are of different flex layouts.)

The flexible printed circuit boards are currently available as single layer or double layer. Polyimide material is used as the base layer; the thickness between the copper layers is 18 microns and the overall PCB thickness is 0.2 mm. There is also the option to add stiffener material.

The company notes that flex printed circuit boards are a method of choice for making engineering work easier when complex geometries are involved. Savings on space, weight and cost together with increased reliability of the electrical connections are just some of the benefits that can be provided by flexible PCBs.

By expanding this PCB-Pool service for flexible PCBs, users benefit from low costs and short delivery times. The flexible PCBs are manufactured exclusively in Germany. Online price calculations and ordering is possible from the company's website, where full technical details and specifications regarding the production of flexible PCBs are also available, together with tips and guidance on the layout of flexible printed circuit boards and the assembly process.

Beta Layout;  www.pcb-pool.com