Luxury OLED luminaires from Novaled

April 26, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Under its luxury luminary brand name Liternity, Novaled has launched a range of OLED luminaires at Light+Building. The designs are hand-crafted from innovative high-tech light sources and sophisticated materials. The move highlights the viability of OLEDs as commercially available light sources.

The Liternity luminaire product range includes a suspension light, called Linfinity, the wall light Lucentury and the floor light Trinity. The designs combine transparent (60% translucence), ultra-thin OLEDs with lightweight and literally indestructible carbon fiber material. According to Novaled, the operating life time for the products is around 10.000 hours. The luminaires are dimmable. Other features of the OLED tiles are an active area of 83cm2 and a color temperature of 3000K (warm white).

While the OLED tiles contain significant Novaled technological expertise, they are produced by a manufacturing partner, a Novaled spokesperson said. She added that Novaled itself manufactures OLEDs in small quantities.No details were provided as to luminosity and efficiency.

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