LVDT/RVDT signal conditioner with analogue and RS485 outputs

May 16, 2013 // By Julien Happich
Macro Sensors' Eazy-Cal LVC 4000 signal conditioner features analogue (4-20mA or user selectable voltage) and RS-485 outputs, it is compatible with most LVDT and RVDT linear position sensors, including half bridge, and can communicates digitally with up to 16 devices simultaneously.

The unit can be connected together in master/slave configuration for multiple channel applications, remotely located by up to 100+ feet to facilitate LVDT linear position sensor operation in extreme environments. The Eazy-Cal LVC 4000 simplifies setup with easy, digital calibration using two pushbutton front panel controls to set zero and full scale. An intuitive, sequencing four LED status indicator guides operators through the calibration process and provides feedback to insure calibration integrity. This CE-approved din rail signal conditioner is provided with swap pluggable terminal blocks for quick replacement.
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