Magnetic sensor packaging saves space in compact designs

May 28, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
For deployment in automotive and industrial applications, Micronas has developed a new 4-pin package - the TO92UP. The pins of this package are 5 mm longer compared to common TO92 packages. Initially, the company is producing its HAL 36xy and HAL 38xy sensor families in the new package.

With the TO92UP Micronas offers its customers an alternative to SMD packages, especially for applications where no PCB is used. The extra length increases the flexibility in positioning the sensors, says Micronas. This holds true especially for space limited applications. The plastic head with a thickness of only 1.5 mm enables the reliable measurement of magnetic fields, even in very small air-gaps.

The HAL 36xy and HAL 38xy families for multidimensional magnetic field measurements enable various advanced application features in automotive electronics, for example, detection of the throttle valve position at angles of more than 90° or the measurement of linear movements up to a distance of 40 mm. The first 3D HAL family members,  HAL 3855 and HAL 3625 have only been available in the SOIC8 SMD package so far. Compared to soldered SMD packages, welded housings are more resistant against vibrations and high temperatures, which is especially important for applications in the engine compartment. The leaded, weldable and solderable TO92UP package is suited for applications in high-temperature areas of up to TA=160 °C due to the fact that they require lead-frames as conductive carrier material for weld junctions.

Particularly in applications like the neutral position detection in the gearbox, the TO92UP package offers assembly advantages when the magnet is not positioned at the end of a rotating shaft. Instead, the sensor can directly be placed beside the shaft (in parallel). Compared to the established TO92UT, the new 4-pin package TO92UP provides more area for integrated circuits (ICs) in spite of its comparatively small size.