mbed gains GPS and connections with CSR/ARM deal

February 27, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
This partnership enables the developer community to create devices using CSR's portfolio of connectivity and location solutions with the flexibility of ARM microcontrollers.

CSR has joined the ARM mbed platform, providing the mbed community with access to CSR Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity solutions and makes it easier for them to be integrated into existing microcontroller projects.

The ARM mbed IoT device development platform is an initiative which provides hardware and software building blocks to developers, lowering the barrier of entry for rapid development of Internet-connected products and concepts based on ARM microcontrollers. The project also enables easy integration of connectivity and software components.

As a component partner, CSR is providing access to its range of connectivity and location solutions. CSR will be working to provide the mbed community with simple software access to its wireless connectivity technologies including GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth., alongside the peripheral options offered by the ARM microcontrollers available from multiple vendors such as NXP, ST, and Freescale on the mbed platform.

CSR; www.csr.com

ARM; www.arm.com