MCU-based designs for Internet Radio Audio Streaming and Dual Hi-Speed USB

December 24, 2013 // By EDN
NXP has reference designs using its LPC4357 and LPC1837 microcontrollers, that provide all the hardware and software required to build functional designs, and showcase the features of the MCUs

Internet Radio Audio Streaming Solution

Designers can implement some or all of the functionality needed to stream music from SHOUTcast online radio stations, and give users control of music selection and playback through a user interface displayed on an integrated LCD panel. Based on the dual-core LPC4357, the Internet Radio Audio Streaming solution demonstrates partitioning of application software between two cores. Time-sensitive audio decoding and processing is handled by the ARM Cortex-M4F, while the TCP/IP stack, user interface and application processing are handled by the Cortex-M0 processor. The solution comprises a Keil MCB4357 evaluation board as well as free downloadable software for the Internet Radio application, a SHOUTcast radio implementation, emWin graphics library, and FreeRTOS with an LwIP TCP/IP stack. MP3 decoder software is available with an additional license.

Dual Hi-Speed USB Host/Device Solution

Designers can build dual USB functionality into their product designs using the Dual Hi-Speed USB Host/Device solution. Demos showcase two USB applications: two Hi-Speed USB device controllers operating simultaneously and a dual-role USB controller (host and device) operating over the same port. The first solution demo takes advantage of the dual USB 2.0 host/device ports in the LPC1837 microcontroller, one of which also includes an integrated Hi-Speed PHY. The solution includes an NGX LPC1837-based Xplorer board with UDA1380 stereo audio codec, a 4-GB USB Flash drive, an LPCLink2 JTAG debugger, a 4-GB USB Flash drive, as well as cables and earbuds.


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