Measure to 3000A; current transformers provide linear sensing

March 16, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Power quality specialist REO UK has a range of current transformers designed for accurate linear current sensing and electricity metering, in a selection of power ranges to suit industry sectors including automation, railway engineering and renewable energy.

Higher currents and frequencies demand current transformers that can provide precise measurement at increased levels of operation and regardless of current type. These current transformers are able to accurately measure currents up to 3000A and frequencies up to 150 kHz while providing superior linearity and overcurrent protection. Each series of transformers is optimised for a particular sector, for example the series IE is intended for use under high currents in the rail sector. Applications that involve higher frequencies will require a current transformer with an extended frequency range, such as the IN series of instrument transformers.


Housing and termination casing can be just as important to an application as the electrical characteristics of the transformer itself, the company adds; a product with the ideal frequency range isn't beneficial if it lacks suitable connections and fittings to be successfully implemented into a specific system.