Measurement system combines 5B amplifier technology and remote data acquisition

May 14, 2012 // By Julien Happich
The mobile tabletop unit AMS-LAN16f from BMC Messsysteme GmbH combines 5B amplifier technology and data acquisition via network within a tight space.

Due to the modular concept of the amplifier measurement system, different analog and digital measuring applications can easily be realized. The modular measurement system allows 5B measurement amplifiers to be chosen for galvanic isolation, sensor supply, and amplification. They are mounted on plug-in cassettes, which are installed in the 8 slot of the AMS device. The cassettes are available with different connectors so that different sensors can be connected directly. The AMS42-LAN16f is well suited for mobile applications with high demands.

A high-quality LAN data acquisition system has been integrated into the compact ½ x 19'' tabletop unit. Up to 16 analog signals can be recorded with 250kHz total sampling rate in 16 bit resolution. The 16 digital inputs and outputs each serve for the acquisition and control of digital states. The integrated 19-bit counter with quadrature decoder can be used for counting pulses or incremental encoder measurement.

The units are cascadable to build multi-point measuring systems with thousands of channels. While the AMS42-LAN16f is installed at the measurement point, data can be transmitted via a network cable to a PC standing at a "safe" place. AMS systems are also available in 19'' format (AMS84 series). Other versions with USB data acquisition system or as an amplifier system are provided as tabletop unit or rack system.

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