Medical/industrial pressure sensors, in distribution

September 23, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor Acal BFi has Honeywell’s high-performance piezoresistive pressure sensor series for medical and industrial applications, the ABP series of basic amplified board mount pressure sensors.

Honeywell’s ABP series claims to be the smallest, compensated, amplified pressure sensor in its class at 8 x 7 x 3 mm. Its small size helps to save board space and reduce manufacturing costs and its low current consumption (2 µA) with sleep mode enabled allows for use in battery powered applications.

For use across a wide pressure range, from 1 psi to 150 psi, the ABP series is ideal for medical and industrial applications, including blood pressure monitoring, ventilators and air brakes, due to its enhanced sensitivity. This piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor offers 56 different pressure ranges to accommodate system accuracy and resolution. The APB series is available with either ratiometric analogue or digital outputs for reading pressure over the specified full scale pressure span and temperature range.

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