MEMS barometric capacitive pressure sensor delivers 10cm of altitude resolution

November 14, 2012 // By Julien Happich
An affiliated company of Theon Sensors, European Sensors Systems (ESS) has released a MEMS-based capacitive barometric pressure sensor enabling portable devices to navigate with an altitude resolution of 10cm.

The ESCP2-002 sensor relies on ESS'/THEON’s innovative surface micro-machining SOI technology and integrates a high resolution Delta-Sigma ADC to digitize the signal and a low phase noise oscillator. The digital output is fully calibrated and temperature compensated based on the internal temperature sensor and the factory calibration coefficients are stored in an embedded memory. Designed with SPI and I2C interfaces, the sensor can be readily integrated in end user systems. Different power modes are available enabling low power operation, while the output rate and thus the conversion speed is programmable, allowing the end user to customize performance. Special functionalities like alarms are also available. The sensor provides a digital high accuracy 32-bit pressure and temperature output. raw analog outputs are also available.

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