MEMS microphone for hearing aids occupies under 8 cubic mm

March 27, 2013 // By Paul Buckley
Analog Devices, Inc. has introduced a high performance MEMS microphone developed specifically for hearing aid applications.

When compared to legacy solutions like electret condenser microphones (ECMs), the ADMP801 is not only smaller in size at 7.3 cubic millimeters, but also offers greater performance stability over time, temperature, and environmental changes, produces low equivalent input noise (EIN) at 27 dBA SPL (sound pressure level), and consumes 17 µA at 1 Vsupply - a fraction of the power consumed by traditional ECMs. The ADMP801 MEMS microphone occupies a surface-mount package measuring 3.35 mm x 2.50 mm x 0.98 mm that is reflow-solder-compatible with no sensitivity degradation.

The ADMP801 is a high quality, ultralow power, analogue output, bottom-ported, omnidirectional MEMS microphone designed specifically for hearing aid applications. The device is fully pick-and-place and reflow compatible, offering an option to save on cost using a mechanised assembly process as compared to ECMs that require manual assembly processes, due to their intollerance of reflow soldering. The device claims excellent environmental and temporal stability, and multiple ADMP801 MEMS microphones can be configured in an array to form a directional response, facilitating sound of voice localisation.

The ADMP801 packaged in a 3.35-mm × 2.50-mm × 0.98-mm surface-mount LGA is available now and is priced at $10.78 (1000). 

Analog Devices,