METIS task group defines world’s first 5G channel models

June 12, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Wireless equipment testing technology specialist Anite has announced that an Anite-led task group within the METIS (Mobile and wireless communications Enablers for Twenty-twenty (2020) Information Society) project has published the world’s first channel models for 5G.

Co-funded by the European Commission, METIS is a consortium of 29 key wireless industry players and the first international and large-scale research activity on 5G. Its main objective is to lay the foundation for 5G, the next generation mobile and wireless communications system. 5G will address the huge surge forecast in mobile data consumption and the advanced capabilities of wireless devices.

5G has extremely challenging technical requirements which means that testing the radio channel is even more important compared to previous cellular technologies. 5G will adapt to various radio channel conditions in a more efficient way, using all dimensions of the radio channel such as delay, frequency, time, location, elevation and polarisation.

One of the METIS project's overall technical goals is to provide a system concept that supports higher mobile data volume per area. Accurate radio channel model development enables higher data transmission volumes, which is why the definition of the radio channel model is seen as a key element in the development of 5G. Anite’s experience in this area has helped drive the development of new mobile standards for more than 20 years.

The interim 5G channel models are part of the METIS Deliverable D1.2 and generally available for 5G technology developers worldwide. Anite presented these channel models at the Brooklyn 5G Summit (held in New York), where leading technology companies and institutes participated.

“As the only test vendor involved with the METIS project, Anite’s channel model expertise and testing capability is enabling the industry to progress the development of future mobile technologies such as 5G,” says Paul Beaver, Products Director at Anite.

“The interim 5G channel models... have wide industry acceptance and will help to meet the requirements of higher data volume and develop a system concept for 5G.” says Olav Queseth, Senior Researcher at Ericsson and project coordinator at METIS.