Micrium’s µC/Probe v3.2 adds visualisation/target control features

April 08, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Micrium’s µC/Probe, Graphical Live Watch v3.2, is a Windows-based application that allows you to graphically visualise and change the behaviour of embedded systems at run-time. µC/Probe can read from and write to the memory (or I/O) of almost any embedded processor during run-time, and represent those values as a graphical objects: gauges, meters, numeric indicators, LEDs, sliders and graphs.

New features include a Microsoft Excel interface allowing additional computation to be performed on live data, and to further display the data graphically using Excel’s built-in charting tool; the ability to write scripts to configure a target; and a terminal window that can use a wide range of communication interfaces including USB. Jean Labrosse, Micrium founder, president and CEO adds, “µC/Probe should be thought of as your go-to tool that replaces 'printf()' and brings your debug/test environment into the twenty first century.”

µC/Probe’s licensing models include; Educational/Evaluation (free), Basic, and Professional. The paid versions are available in several licensing levels allowing customers to pay monthly, yearly or take a perpetual license.

Micrium; www.micrium.com