Micrium’s µC/Probe to be bundled with Infineon’s XMC MCUs

May 03, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Infineon has extended the software ecosystem for its XMC microcontrollers and licensed Micrium’s µC/Probe data visualization tool. A custom version will be packaged free with Infineon’s XMC (ARM-Cortex-M-based) line.

Micrium is to configure a customized version of µC/Probe designed to run only on Infineon XMC microcontrollers. Micrium worked with Infineon to define µC/Probe’s new oscilloscope feature that is capable of displaying the value of up to eight variables or I/O ports, even at the bit level.


“µC/Probe is a must-have tool for any embedded developer that needs to monitor and control the behaviour of their embedded system,” said Jean Labrosse, president and CEO of Micrium. “It supports the capabilities of Infineon’s XMC families and allows designers to gain insight into their embedded system that is not available using any other tool. Further, the new oscilloscope feature is ideally suited for monitoring and tuning motor control and power conversion applications.”


The new oscilloscope feature is especially useful because it allows monitoring of variables that would be extremely difficult to look at with a conventional oscilloscope. Since many of those variables are the result of internal computations; users would need to output these variables to digital to analogue converters and monitor those values with an actual (i.e., external) oscilloscope. With uC/Probe, users can monitor and change any variable without stopping the target. Other benefits include:


Sampling can be synchronized to control loops or other internal time bases

Capable of displaying up to eight analogue or digital signals

Trigger on any channel

Provides pre- and post-triggering



µC/Probe offers kernel awareness (µC/OS-II and µC/OS-III), TCP/IP awareness (µC/TCP-IP), gauges, charts, an Excel spreadsheet interface, data logging, scripting and additional features.


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