Microminiature board-to-board connector system

August 13, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Molex’ SlimStack SSB6 SMT allows maximum space savings in mobile devices, with an innovative mating alignment that ensures easy and secure contact

With mated dimensions of 0.35 mm pitch, 0.60 mm height by 2.00 mm width, the SlimStack SSB6 connectors save space in the compact packaging of smartphones and other portable mobile devices, as well as a wide range of surgical, therapeutic and monitoring medical devices.

“These innovative features address many of the challenges operators face in packaging small, portable electronic devices,” notes Noboru Ando, global product marketing director, Molex. The SlimStack SSB6 connectors (plug and receptacle) incorporate several innovative design features that help to ensure high connector performance and reliability, even when mobile devices are dropped or subjected to shock or vibration. Some key features include:

  1. Wide mating-alignment housing lead-in areas to facilitate fast, easy alignment and mating without risking connector damage due to forced mating;
  2. A strong audible/tactile click to provide extra assurance of successful mating;
  3. Dual-contact design to provide secure electrical and mechanical contact and prevent open contacts;
  4. Wipe length of 0.13 mm to help remove dust and debris, providing further contact assurance;
  5. Housing canopy cover to provide an anti-zippering barrier that prevents contact pullout from angled unmating;
  6. Wide vacuum pick-and-place area to accommodate automatic board placement, even with narrow width.

Ando adds: “In the future, Molex will continue to expand its SlimStack SSB series with additional versions that include different stack heights, a shielded version for EMI protection, and a version featuring a power nail 'armour' feature.”

Molex; www.molex.com/link/slimstack035