Microphones maximise SNR and performance-density metrics in tiny top-port package

March 09, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Akustica has added two highly robust, high performance analogue MEMS microphones. AKU151 is a tiny, top-port microphone with both high SNR and high acoustic performance density (defined as SNR/mm³), and the AKU350 is an ultra-high performance 67dB SNR bottom-port microphone.

Combining in-house MEMS, ASIC, and package design with in-house fabrication facilities, the microphones are the first to make use of new ASIC design elements that optimise performance depending on the target market. The two new microphones are also the first to be built using a new MEMS architecture and fabrication process which includes additional material layers and optimised thicknesses of current layers. And, the AKU151 is the first microphone to use an advanced, metal-lid, direct-port package.

The AKU151, in its tiny 5.4 mm ³ package, presents consumer device manufacturers with a durable, RF-immune microphone in the top-port configuration that is easiest for use in their high volume assembly lines. Unlike other microphones where a smaller package typically results in lower performance, the AKU151 delivers a high SNR of 65 dB, meaning that the AKU151 delivers almost twice the acoustic performance density (SNR/mm ³) of any other top-port MEMS microphone. The AKU151 is also optimised for low power applications, consuming only 60 µA during standard, full-performance operation, making it suitable for use in applications such as wearables which require small, high performance microphones but have limited battery life.

AKU350 is a robust, bottom-port, metal-lid, 9.1 mm ³ microphone with a single-ended output that provides an outstanding 67 dB SNR and a tight ±1 dB sensitivity matching. With its high SNR and accompanying microphone-to-microphone uniformity, the AKU350 is optimised to meet the needs of smartphone manufacturers who use multiple microphones with noise cancellation algorithms. These algorithms rely on well-matched, high-performance microphones to deliver superior noise suppression and speech recognition accuracy to the end user.

Akustica; www.akustica.com