Microwave distributed amps combine dynamic range & ultra-wide B/W

May 23, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Custom MMIC (Chelmsford, Massachusetts), developer of monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs), has added family of distributed amplifiers, called BroadRange Distributed Amplifiers, with bandwidths from DC to 50 GHz.

The distributed amplifiers claim leading performance in terms of dynamic range, frequency bandwidth and power consumption. The BroadRange Distributed Amplifier product line consists of over 15 released products; the amplifiers are provided in low-profile die or QFN packaged and offer single positive supply operation, positive gain slope over frequency, and 50 Ohm matching for ease of design, smaller and lower power systems.


These amplifiers have low bias voltage requirements down to 3V and bias currents as low as 32 mA. With DC to 50 GHz bandwidth, OIP3 of 22 to 32 dBm, P1dB of 12 to 29 dBm, and Psat of 12 to 29 dBm, the BroadRange Distributed amplifier family is applicable to EW, wideband communication, and instrumentation applications.


Custom MMIC is experienced in a broad range of III-V processes (e.g. GaAs, GaN, InP, InGaP) and specializes in RF-to-millimeter-wave circuits serving diverse markets including wireless and wired communications, satellite, radar systems, cellular infrastructure and instrumentation.


Custom MMIC; www.custommmic.com