Microwave power module provides switchable Ka/Q-bands for UAV data links

October 30, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor Link Microtek has a switchable Ka/Q-band microwave power module (MPM) that provides highly compact power-amplifier functionality for defence and aerospace applications where size and weight are key considerations.

Designed and manufactured by L-3 Electron Devices , the M2837 module delivers more than 100W of saturated CW power at Ka-band frequencies from 29.5 to 31.0 GHz and over 80W at Q-band frequencies from 43.5 to 45.5 GHz, making it suitable for satellite communication uplinks in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The 28 VDC-input MPM combines a solid-state driver amplifier, a miniature helix travelling wave tube and a power supply in a single rugged package measuring 248 x 216 x 38 mm and weighing 3.3 kg. It utilises a single 2.4 mm coaxial connector for the RF input and a WR24 waveguide for the output.

Fully compliant with the MIL-STD-461 electromagnetic compatibility standard, the M2837 unit is equipped with a forward and reverse power coupler and offers both RS485 and TTL signalling for status monitoring and control. The MPM has an operating temperature range of -40 to 85C and can be specified with an optional forced-air heat exchanger if required.

Link Microtek; www.linkmicrotek.com