Mid-voltage MOSFETs provide improved reliability in synchronous rectification applications

August 15, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
With the expansion of the company’s PowerTrench MOSFET family, Fairchild Semiconductor is helping designers to meet power design challenges such as power density and light-load efficiency improvement which are key issues for server, telecom and AC-DC power designers.

Additionally, the synchronous rectification in switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) designs require cost-effective power supply solutions that minimize board space while increasing efficiency and reducing power dissipation.

Part of the mid-voltage power MOSFET portfolio, these devices are optimized power switches that combine a small gate charge (QG), a small reverse recovery charge (Qrr) and a soft-reverse recovery body diode, allowing for fast switching speeds. Available in a 40 V, 60 V and 80 V rating, these devices require less power dissipation in the snubber circuitry due to an optimized soft-body diode that reduces voltage spikes by up to 15 percent over the competitor’s solution.

Employing a shielded-gate silicon technology that provides charge balance, the devices achieve higher power density, low ringing and better light-load efficiency. By using this technology, the devices achieve a lower figure of merit (QG x RDS(ON)) while reducing driving loss to increase power efficiency.
The first devices available include the 40 V FDMS015N04B and 80V FDMS039N08B available in a Power56 package, and the 60 V FDP020N06B and 80 V FDP027N08B available in a TO-220 3-lead package.

Availability and Pricing

Samples are available.  Pricing in 1,000 quantity pieces include: FDMS015N04B: $1.78, FDMS039N08B:  $1.60, FDP020N06B: $4.50, FDP027N08B: $3.30

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