Migration and DRC correction tool for advanced nanometer technologies

May 15, 2012 // By Julien Happich
The nmigrate layout migration and optimization tool announced by Sagantec was specifically developed for 28nm and 20nm technology rules.

nmigrate is based on the patented 2D dynamic compaction technology developed by NP-Komplete Technologies, whose acquisition Sagantec announced earlier this month. Already used successfully by several tier-1 semiconductor companies, the tool is based on two-dimensional, automated, dynamic layout compaction technology. It makes all necessary corrections to a layout to enforce complex, must-abide-by rules for 28nm and 20nm process technologies and below.

“Today's 28nm and 20nm technologies present many new and tougher challenges for physical implementation. A library that is competitive from density, routability, reliability and variability perspectives and at the same time respects all new technology design rules is very hard to design manually in a timely manner. Furthermore, frequent changes and updates to new technology design rules make it even more challenging to keep up with manually” explained Coby Zelnik, Sagantec's president and CEO. “nmigrate is an automatic layout migration, compaction and optimization solution that is proven to successfully handle all these requirements and updates, delivering optimal results that are design rule clean” Zelnik concluded.

The tool can migrate and DRC-correct cell layout and make sure the layout adheres to all advanced design rules, including coloring for double patterning. It is claimed to offer a higher quality layout with faster time to solution, enabled by scalable automatic optimization of all layout requirements. nmigrate is already available for customers who design or migrate libraries for 28nm and 20nm processes. Sagantec offers both software license model as well as a service model.

Visit Sagantec at www.sagantec.com