Mil-spec resistors in distribution

July 30, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Vishay's RLR and RNR military-qualified metal film resistors are available from distributor TTI; applications include satellite and GPS applications (RLR) and airborne systems (RNR)

Vishay’s RLR metal film resistors meet the requirements of MIL-PRF-39017 and suit satellite and GPS systems, while the RNR series is qualified and compliant with MIL-PRF-55182 (type RNR/RNN) and suits airborne systems.

The RLR Series has an epoxy coated construction which provides superior protection against moisture. Operating temperature range is -65C to +150C. TTI has parts in stock at non-precision tolerances of ±1 % or ±2 %. Standard electrical specifications include: maximum working voltage of between 200V and 500V depending on model selected, and power rating at 70C of between 0.125W and 1.0W depending on model. There is an extended value range up to 22 MΩ available from various DSCC drawings on request.

RNR series metal film resistors feature hermetic glass enclosures that are impervious to corrosive environments and atmospheres, suiting them to diverse mil/aero applications including airborne systems. They are very low noise (- 40 dB). The parts have established reliability rates and are subject to ongoing quality maintenance programmes.