Military shielding/thermal materials guidance published

January 16, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Chomerics has published a document that detailing its shielding and thermal products for military applications, with guidance on materials and technologies that can meet mil / aero design challenges

The environments in which mission critical systems ranging from aircraft control and display units to soldier worn vision systems are required to operate are often extreme. Design engineers need to consider wide variations in ambient temperature, mechanical shock and vibration, exposure to chemicals, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) from sources both inside and outside the equipment. The Advanced Solutions for Military Electronics Brochure details shielding products including conductive elastomers and coatings, mesh, metal and form-in-place gaskets and, for military displays, a range of advanced shielded optical windows, help ensure the protection of complex electronics from potential malfunction, damage and compromised reliability caused by EMI. Hheat management materials include highly conformable and extremely thermally efficient gap fillers and gels.

Parker Chomerics;