Military-spec quartz oscillator withstands 100,000g shock

July 09, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
IQD’s HGXO series of surface mount oscillators is designed primarily for military applications such as smart munitions and projectile electronics although the devices can also be used in demanding industrial applications.

Designed around a hermetically sealed high-shock crystal and a CMOS compatible integrated circuit, the new device is able to survive shock levels of up to 100,000G and vibration levels of 20g at 10-2000Hz swept sine in accordance with MIL-STD-202G.

Housed in an industry standard 7 x 5 mm 4-pad ceramic package with metal lid, 5 supply voltage versions are available at 5.0V, 3.3V, 3.0V, 2.5V and 1.8V, providing compatibility with the latest generation of low power chipsets. Output frequencies can be specified between 460 kHz and 50 MHz with a 15 pF HCMOS drive capability.

Frequency tolerance is available down to ±10 ppm whilst frequency stability can be specified at ±40 ppm over the full military temperature range of -55 to 125°C down to ±10 ppm over commercial temperature ranges coupled with low frequency ageing characteristics.

Variants are also available which incorporate enable/disable and tri-state control. In keeping with its military capability the range can be specified with a number of termination finishes including tin/lead where to use a device that is RoHS compliant would cause approval issues. However RoHS compliant finishes are also available for less sensitive applications. Duty cycle is 40% min and 60% max with a start-up time of 5 msec max and a rise and fall time of 6 nsec max.