Millimeter-wave 4G / LTE backhaul for mobile telecoms applications

February 06, 2013 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Wireless Excellence is launching a set of CableFree products for LTE/4G and 3G backhaul. Adding to the company’s versatile and capable range of existing products, which are well proven in cellular applications, these latest products combine the best of Millimeter-Wave (MMW) using E-band and 60 GHz technologies, with FSO (Free Space Optics) to provide high capacity Gigabit backhaul networks to power today’s and tomorrow’s cellular networks.

The latest CableFree MMW links offer full-speed Gigabit capacities and advanced, user-friendly features such as 1 Gbps Full Duplex capacity with Forward Error Correction (FEC), Power-over-Ethernet and Fibre Optic interface options, and can be fed by either AC or DC power as site conditions permit. With ultra-low power consumption, the MMW links can be powered off existing sources such as street lighting fixtures, and for remote areas, alternative power sources such as solar with batteries. Using integrated advanced high gain antennas, the MMW links utilise narrow “pencil beam” transmissions which minimise potential sources of interference and maximise spatial re-use for the dense network deployments needed in busy cities.

The 60 GHz frequencies, which are ideal for sub-kilometre applications, are used for short links. To implement longer links, E-band (70-80 GHz) frequencies are used up to 8 km (depending on rain zone region). For ultra high availability, dual-technology links combining MMW and FSO are used which provide 2 Gbps of capacity, falling back to 1 Gbps when either path is disrupted. As FSO and MMW have complementary fade patterns in fog and rain, high availability exceeding 99.999% as well as high throughput of 1 Gbps minimum are ensured in all conditions, as well as adding path protection and equipment resilience.

This latest set of backhaul products is available immediately for volume shipment, for live deployments as well as trials, with full references available. Stringent environmental, safety and regulatory requirements are met for homologation in all key global markets.