MIMO channel emulator delivers real world test capability for MU-MIMO, InterRAT and Carrier Aggregation

May 09, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Azimuth Systems has announced that its ACE™ MX2 MIMO channel emulator supports advanced testing configurations such as MU-MIMO, InterRAT, and Carrier Aggregation scenarios. Additionally, the ACE MX2 MIMO channel emulator features the company’s most advanced geometric modeling capabilities to enable real world test with the advanced antenna models necessary for testing of leading edge base stations and full dynamic channel modeling.

The ACE MX2 MIMO channel emulator is based on the proven, reliable, and award-winning ACE MX channel emulator hardware platform and has been designed to create accurate and repeatable results within the laboratory environment.

Azimuth’s dynamic channel modeling capability enables detailed control of a comprehensive set of channel parameters and provides the precision control of channel conditions necessary for thorough testing and evaluation of complicated deployment environments such as those found on today’s high speed trains. Deliberately engineered to support the latest wireless network architectures evaluated and deployed around the globe, the ACE MX2 MIMO channel emulator supports implementation of complex MU-MIMO test beds as well as evaluation of Carrier Aggregation scenarios. The ACE MX2 MIMO channel emulator also features built-in real time fading, including industry standard models or custom designed models that allow users to recreate a variety of typical MIMO scenarios for accurate performance and interoperability testing, with up to 64 channels available in a scalable configuration.

The ACE MX2 MIMO channel emulator’s features include industry-leading RF fidelity; TDD and FDD operation; bi-directional operation in a single unit; support from SISO up to 8×4 MIMO systems; and a user-friendly, advanced management interface. Enhanced features also include new automation capabilities such as Azimuth’s latest benchmarking module for multiple UEs, and new ease of use features that make it easier to analyze and compare results -- all in a scalable and modular solution that integrates with all of the company’s existing solutions including FTL Field-to-Lab and RPM Real World Performance Measurement.

With the ACE MX2 wireless channel emulator, the company has achieved about a 60% reduction in size and weight as compared to previous solutions. Additionally, the ACE MX2 channel emulator significantly reduces power consumption and noise, dramatically improving the environmental conditions for today’s crowded wireless test labs.

The ACE MX2 MIMO channel emulator is enabled by Azimuth’s Director II™ software for test management and automation. The latest enhancements to