Mindspeed teams with SpiderCloud for enterprise small cells

September 12, 2012 // By Nick Flaherty
Mindspeed Technologies has added hooks to its small cell processors to allow SpiderCloud Wireless to support mobile phones in enterprise networks.

The Enterprise Radio Access Network (E-RAN) system uses Spidercloud’s highly optimized software stack that includes its own physical layer software (PHY) implementation on Mindspeed’s system-on-chip (SoC). The PHY plays a critical role in solving the mobility and interference problems of radio nodes in enterprise networks, controlled and powered by SpiderCloud’s software.
"Paradoxically the enterprise is probably harder than residential or public access metro cell to support," said Rupert Baines, VP of strategic marketing at Mindspeed. "With enterprise you can get a lot of users and nasty RF inside buildings and you need lots of nodes with soft handover between them but it's a closed architecture that's installed by an IT partners, not an operator."
The self-organizing E-RAN, which can be installed in just days by a mobile operator or its partners, delivers reliable 3G coverage and capacity for thousands of handsets using any existing Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) for backhaul and enterprise services integration, with full mobility and cell-to-cell handoff and synchronization with the operator’s macro cellular network.
The software makes use of customised elements within Mindspeed's standard silicon that is only available to SpiderCloud that has been part of a four year development, says Baines.
“3G small cells are being deployed in homes, small enterprises and outside in metropolitan areas, but until now, the industry has not been able to deliver a true ‘enterprise-grade’ system,” said Raouf Y. Halim, chief executive officer at Mindspeed. “It took years of developments and innovative thinking by Mindspeed and SpiderCloud Wireless to enable such a system, and we’re proud to take part in unlocking the enterprise opportunity for mobile operators.”
This allows access to large corporate network to be controlled for mobile phones in the same way it is for computers and for operators to provide seamless voice and data coverage inside the building and out.
“Mindspeed’s technology leadership and ability to provide custom features has helped us bring to market a