Miniature 0402 varactor diodes

May 02, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Skyworks introduces three miniature 0402 varactor diodes for VCO, phase noise and voltage tuned filter applications. The SMV1247-040LF, SMV1248-040LF and SMV1263-040LF provide small form factor, discrete solutions for a variety of phase and frequency control uses.

These miniature, low profile, plastic surface mount technology (SMT) diodes have reduced footprints in industry-standard packages. They are ideal for WLAN, CATV, LNB, energy management, wireless infrastructure and military markets.

The SMV1247-040LF and SMV1249-040LF are silicon, surface mount hyperabrupt tuning varactor diodes featureing a typical capacitance ratio from 0.3 V to 4.7 V of 10 for the SMV1247-040LF and 12 for the SMV1249-040LF, which makes these two varactors suitable for octive bandwidth VCOs, wide voltage range phase shifters, and wideband voltage-controlled filters. Both offer a high-Q at 50 MHz. Both varactor diodes are provided in a surface mount package compatible with the industry-standard 0402 printed circuit board footprint.