Miniature LVDT sensor maintains precision to 200C

November 20, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Precise, sustained measurement in high temperatures is possible with an LVDT position sensor introduced by TE Connectivity. With a low mass core, it withstands temperatures up to +200C.

The MHR-T Series of high-temperature, miniature linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs) provides linear displacement sensing. With a diameter of 9.5 mm, these high-reliability transducers accurately measure displacement in space-constrained applications including process controls, automation and robotics as well as chemical plants, hydraulics and power turbines.

Manufactured under a strict ISO 9001 quality system, these LVDTs operate in temperatures from -20 to +200Celsius and are available with a wide range of strokes from ±0.025 to ±1 in ( ±0.635 to ±25.4 mm). The series also features a rugged, corrosion-resistant aluminium construction that withstands elevated temperatures as well as high shock and vibration.

The high output sensitivity of the MHR-T enables interfacing with nearly all signal conditioners and conditioning circuits. These miniature position transducers enable precise measurement in a diverse set of applications, including cylinder position feedback, materials testing machines and many other space-restricted, high-temperature installations.

The low core weight of the MHR-T significantly reduces its influence on the attribute being recorded for accurate measurement in applications requiring higher displacement speeds. It also reduces mechanical stresses to preserve the structural integrity of the core actuation assembly for long-term, reliable measurements.

The frictionless design provides several benefits, most notably truly infinite resolution and null position (zero) repeatability, both of which provide exceptional stability and repeatability. It also contributes to the long life of the MHR-T, as there are no parts that can wear out or cause failure provided the core is properly aligned in the application.

Each unit comes with a calibration certificate and is compatible with TE’s line of LVDT signal conditioners. AC operation for all models ranges from 2 kHz to 20 kHz.

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